Proposal for the 2017 Annual Meeting

Olympia Brown Unitarian Universalist Church’ s Social Justice focus will concentrate on implementing the actions necessary to becoming a New Sanctuary Movement Church Advocate for the 2017-2018 year.

To this end we, as a Congregation, pledge to:

  • Educate ourselves on immigrant reform and exert pressure to develop a national immigration reform policy, and
  • Accompany our community members, congregants, and neighbors facing deportation, through joining in the New Sanctuary Movement work, and
  • Amplify the moral imperative to stop deportation and injustice experienced by immigrant workers and families under current legislation and administrative directives.
  • Ensure protection of Sensitive Locations’ guidelines.
  • Work alongside undocumented students to defend the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program(DACA), and
  • Commit our names, voices, and church to the ongoing work of being a compassionate and persistent voice for justice for our immigrant brothers and sisters.
  • Call for an immediate moratorium on all raids and unjust deportations until such time that the broken system of immigration laws is fixed, and
  • Work to stop the extension and further militarization of the border wall, and
  • Work against the increase in criminalization or mandatory sentencing for immigrants.
  • Defend asylum seekers by pushing back against expedited removal.
  • Assist in helping to provide critical resources such a legal assistance and training in support of immigrants so they can defend and win their deportation cases.
  • Help create and participate in protection networks, such as the Immigration Raids Rapid Response network, provide witness and support to immigrants in our community, and support immigrants and their families during court or Immigration visits, and any future activities that work to support local immigrants.