Youth (High School)

OBUUC High School Aged Ministry (Youth Group and Youth Action Club) follows a nine-month-long calendar meeting in George Bray Hall (church lower level) September through May during the second service 11 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.

Youth Action Club (YAC): Grades 9 – 12: This group gives those involved the opportunity to explore their hopes, celebrate their social identity and address their community concerns by participating in social action projects. This club, which is youth-led and youth-driven, meets once a month during second service. Projects the club has been involved in are: AIDS Walk Wisconsin, CROP Hunger Walk, and Youth Restore Earth, and Heifer International. This year’s focus is on fighting hunger in our community and the world.

Youth Group: Grades 9 – 12:
The Youth Group’s goal within our religious community is to:
– Provide a bridge between childhood and adulthood
– Facilitate discovery and appreciation of personal gifts and talents, a joy of living and a belief in life’s potential in a setting which accepts diversity and exploration
– Identify what participants, as adults, will need from a church and why they would choose to be a part of one.

This group runs with the assistance and support of several adult advisors. Youth Group activities come in all shapes and sizes — discussions, social service activities, “movies with a message,” weekend retreats and social outings. Youth Group plans and presents Youth Sunday, an annual All Church Sunday with a theme of significance to the young people themselves. All activities involve adult advisors.

Teaching Team Aides: Often teens gain as much from guiding others as they would from enrolling in the Religious Education Program themselves. It is possible for kids participating in UU Teens to help children in the Children’s Program 1 or 2 Sunday mornings a month during the 11:00 service. Teens attending Youth Group on Sunday evenings can also help younger children in the Sunday morning Children’s Programs during both services. Teen aides must be in grade seven or above and will participate in teacher training sessions. Interested teens should contact DRE Leann Pomaville.